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Exhibition Goals

Exhibition Goals

The idea of ​​the World Exhibition of Dried Fruits and Nuts has many objectives:

– Identification of dried fruits and nuts and display types, derivatives and benefits, in addition to detecting the great health and medical values.

– Commercial value:

  • Strengthening cooperation between producing and consuming countries and progress in non-oil exports. Which allowing easy access to producers, companies and factories in the production countries.
  • Exchange of ideas, techniques, products and commercial relationship between the local and international exhibitors.
  • Create a good friendly competition between local and international manufacturers to improve product quality.
  • Introducing the actual capacity of countries in the production, trade and marketing, services , machinery and equipment of the industry


– Economic value:

  • To achieve the economic benefit for producing countries by raising the proceeds of trade exchange between them and consuming countries , in order to create economic industry opportunities for producing countries of nuts and dried fruit.
  • Trying to market these industries, activities and production to support agricultural management (production) and commercial management (exports)


– Industrial value:

  • Revitalize the dried fruit industry and encourage food and confectionery factories to adopt nuts as a key ingredient in the food and beverage industry around the world.
  • Identify problems, obstacles and weaknesses in this industry and try to attract support from public and private bodies
  • Pay attention to packaging problem and increase product quality.


Global market value:

  • Establishment of a global market and a special market for nuts based in Turkey as an important trade center between East and West.
  • Establish direct face-to-face links between producers and consumers to identify the needs of global markets
  • Try to create a culture of product standardization and control the health level and technical standards.
  • Exploit innovations and progress in the nuts and dried fruits industries to reach international standards

• To provide the basis for all producing countries by adopting the trademarks of each country and considering this as local and international symbol